Putting our money where our mouths are

KEEP is not just about fancy products. It’s more than that. It’s about a bigger perspective and protecting what really matters. Keeping is a mindset. About preserving what we have. It’s about not squandering what’s valuable to ourselves and the planet.


Not only do we help you protect your valuable device so that it last as long as possible – and help you look stylish along the way – we also believe in protecting in a bigger picture. This is the reason why every time one of our sleeves finds its way across the counter, we donate an amount to protect nature and wildlife in Borneo.

Save the Orangutan

The wild orangutan in Borneo is critically endangered by the rapid reforestation happening on the island. Total extinction is a real threat to the species and nature in general.


Save The Orangutan is working day and night to ensure the survival of the wild orangutan and the rainforest in Borneo. We are honered to be able to help Save The Orangutan with their valuable work.


Read more about the admirable organization here: www.savetheorangutan.org/


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