13,3″ PC

KEEP neoprene sleeve is made of high quality neoprene same type used for coral reef diving suits. Neoprene is a water resistant material and provides optimal protection for your laptop. To prevent scratches, the zipper is not made of metal, but instead it’s made of nylon. Inside the sleeve is a super soft plush lining. It is machine washable at 30 degrees, but must not be tumble dried. KEEP design is classic, modern with a twist and there are several up-to-date colors and patterns in the range.


Black – KE-PC13-BLK
Jade Green – KE-PC13-JAD
Jade Summer Flower – KE-PC13-JSF
Rose Floral Ornament – KE-PC13-RFO
Silver Cloud – KE-PC13-SCL
Power Green – KE-PC13-PGR
Power Green Flower – KE-PC13-PGF
Moonlight – KE-PC13-MOO
Rose Elegance – KE-TTPC13-ROE (Textile)



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It's simple, really

–  High quality neoprene outer case

– Nylon zipper and plush on the inside to protect against scratches

– Double zipper tags in rubber material

– Unique durable stitching